Fantasy Locale : Farmhouse and Stable

Here is a map of a common trope from fantasy games – the farm house and stable.  I do not intend on adding stat blocks to any of this so this can be used by anyone in any system!

Fantasy Locale map farmhouse
Welcome to the farm. Come help us harvest!

This is the humble farmhouse of Pollock Herder and his fine wife Samali.  They live here in this four room building with their eight children Sal (M 17), Cass (F 17), Bef (F 16), Yolande (F 13), Cat (F 11), Cob (M 9), Bindle (M 8) and Anders (M 3).

Their farm is a humble 10 acre property on which they herd cattle, mainly oxen for milk and meat.  They do have a paddock that they rotate for vegetables but it is only enough vegetables for them to eat themselves, not to sell at market.  They are several miles (13 to be exact) from the nearest town making a journey in a day long affair so they only go on market days to sell the meat.

Days leading up to market day are exceptionally busy as they prepare the meat cuts from the hung meat for transportation.  The family have six horses.  Four of the horses are for riding on the property (Binky, Bess, Ben and Bovo) while two are draft horses that pull the cart to market once every fortnight.

Pollock is currently trying to attract suitors for his children as he wants to see them succeed in life.  Cass or Sal will inherit the farm one day and so he is concentrating on finding them partners by having them take on independent roles but he looks to any and all people that come to his farm from the perspective of someone who wants to see his children happy.

They are a simple hardworking family just dying to star in your game so give a farmer a break and have them encountered in your next game!  Keep on rolling.

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