Farewell Mr. Worldsmith

As much as I try to make sense of the news my mind reels against it.  I also know that whatever I put here can never describe the pain and loss, or emotion that I want to convey but I will try to approximate something of what I am feeling at the loss of a good friend, steven D. Russell.  The Worldsmith at the helm of RITE Publishing.

Steve Russell
Steve was a great Publisher – but an even greater friend

It is obvious, even in these short moments after it has been revealed to us that Steve has passed, of the effect that he has had on the RPG community.  Steve is the man that made my childhood dreams come true.  I wanted to be an author (not of a blog but of a paper hardcopy) and I now have that dream realised, thanks to Steve’s faith and trust in my ability to produce that.

Steve was a guy that gave everything he had to help you out.  I have had numerous discussions with people in regards to the YouTube chats that he would leave on the internet about how to make a success from your passions.  He just calmly laid it all out in a matter of fact, step by step basis on how to do things.  He was always giving me nuggets of wisdom and rarely was it that a great amount of time went by that I did not see the word *Poke* appear in my chat field as Steve just wanted to check in and say hi.

I was a part of the RITE Publishing family and I actually felt that this was a true family.  Steve just checked in all the time, would throw in an idea or two of what he would like to see me doing.  He did special deals for my store so I could have a bunch of the RITE Publishing books in hard copy for my store and was always curious as to how things were going.  Steve has been one of my best friends of the past three to four years and though I have never “met” him in a traditional sense his passing has been like a punch to the stomach.  I have been the weirdo sobbing by themselves in the corner of the Cafe today and I am sure there is more of that to come in the following days.

A true family man and a man with a great love and respect for his parents.  I offer my most sincere condolences for those that are left behind.  I know that you feel this emptiness far greater than I, but do not feel that you are alone.  Steve has built an extended family that would see you supported if ever you feel the need to ask.

Steve, you are greatly loved by this feeble wordsmith and it is a colder, grayer world that I now face knowing that we will only meet once I shake off this mortal coil.

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  1. Thanks for your beautiful words. I didn’t know Steve anywhere near as well as you did, and I too feel gut-punched.

    People outside of the gaming community may have a hard time understanding our (perhaps) strange version of net-based friendship, but I consider myself all the better for having known Steve even just a little bit…and the world is dimmer today for the loss.


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