Finally My Life (Or Rules) Are Complete So Lets Get Travelling!

So very happy to find this in the mailbox today!

A month and a half ago, perhaps a little more, a good friend of my Traveller game +Scott Cadoo  pointed out to me that you could get all of the Classic Traveller books on CD-ROM from Far Future Enterprises, Marc Miller’s company.  I already had a good number of the books in PDF format but they had already cost me the amount of the CD so I decided rather than pay more than that again to get all the books I would buy the CD.  

The licence to the books is such that if you play at the same table you can share the PDF’s so +Scott Cadoo hooked me up with some of the books I was missing in the interim and I put my order in and paid for the books.  On the website it said that it would come airmail first class post and so I got home excited every night only to be crushed not to find the CD-ROM in the mailbox.  I gave the CD a little more than a month and then sent an email off to the company explaining I knew they had been busy with T5 mail-outs (every photo of the T5 book in the Traveller community was like a knife in my stomach) and asked if they could check that my order was underway.  

I got an email from Paypal (which is where I paid for it showing that the postage was “in transit”.  There was no other explanation but I figured I would wait a little more for it before making a fuss.  I then got confirmation that my order from Paizo (the Ultimate Campaign book and my subscription to the Adventure Path) had been sent.  They get sent slow cheap mail and generally take two to three weeks to get to me.  Well, on Friday my Paizo books arrived and still no Traveller.  I told my wife the long tale and she was very upset and figured I had been ripped off!  Well, I have in my hand the proof I hadn’t but then I look at the close detail.  I paid for the CD on 22 May 2013 via Paypal and got a lovely confirmation email.  I queried the CD on 25 June 2013 and received an email on the same day that looked like some kind of tracking page showing the CD in transit.  The date on the envelope I received? 25 June 2013.

I am very happy to have it, but I would have liked some kind of “Oops sorry we missed that, it is now on its way” message rather than just a claim it was in transit.  Still, it has made my mind up now, as I was playing with the idea of transferring the ruleset to FATE Core rather than Classic but I am now enthused again to get it underway.  I can look at some of the modules and other material I have been missing out on to see what I have been missing out on and flesh out the game a lot more.  I have the game this Wednesday so I am looking forward to it!

Keep on Travelling and keep on rolling!


  1. Glad you got your stuff, finally. Yes, it’s pretty special when you see that package in the mail box. Hope your game goes well – I’m tee-ing up another session for Saturday (using CT rules), though one player may be a no-show if he can’t sort out baby-sitting.


  2. That does not surprise me Shawn, you are always reading Traveller stuff!

    Thanks Kobold. I hope your game is running nice and smoothly and you are having a blast like we do every fortnight!


  3. It has been over three decades since I first started playing with those Traveller rules, and I wonder if you wouldn’t mind expounding, from the perspective of a relatively new arrival, on what it is about them that makes you like them more than other systems designed to run sci-fi adventures in?


  4. Thanks Jason Packer. I will do something along those lines this week or next for you. A post dedicated to it.


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