Finding the Rite Quality

I have been meaning to do this post for a little while now after I became involved in the Lords of Gossamer and Shadow Kickstarter.  In essence I want to highlight a company that is doing some fantastic work with RPG’s including the Kaidan setting for Pathfinder.  I am now following their every move as they release really high quality products at an incredibly reasonable price.

How I came to find out about Rite Publishing

If you are unfamiliar with Rite Publishing please rectify that immediately by leaving my blog with this link and have a peek around their site.  Then come back and have a read of what I have to say about their products.  I am by no means across all of their products but what I have seen is high quality.  I came across Rite Publishing via their Kickstarter above as I have always attempted to find a diceless role playing game as I kind of missed the Amber game and regretted it.  So when I saw this which is built up off the Amber system I looked into it.  When I did I got a message from the Rite Publisher go to guy in +Steve Russell to thank me for my involvement and ask me what I was looking for from the game.  I have had some good conversations with Steve and he does a good job of promoting his business.

It is through this promotion that I found out that there was more to Rite Publishing than their diceless excursion as they released Haiku of Horror written and illustrated by +Michael Tumey for his Kaidan setting.  Now I am a great horror fan, and in particular Japanese horror.  Not to mention one of my writing portfolios in University was largely Haiku so the title spoke to me clearly.  I fought the urge the first time I saw it but the second time it got mentioned I went to and found out it was only $2.99!!!!! I instantly bought it, read it and fell in love with it.  Sure, it is a side note to a campaign but it is so interesting and rich with story.  Not to mention the maps which are an excellent quality (Michael is somewhat the professional in this department).  If you checked out the Rite Publishing site you may have noticed in the Kaidan link that there is a free preview PDF.  Grab it, grab it now!

My first purchase from Kaidan

For Let Us Game Convention I decided this would be the perfect little module to run a Pathfinder game in so I asked the author for permission.  He immediately said yes and so I am running this game at the Convention.  But Michael and I got to talking a little more and found out that the Kaidan setting that Rite Publishing produce was his setting that they are bringing to life.  It is a fantastic, rich setting set in a traditional Japanese mythos full of vengeful spirits and karma affecting the characters interactions.  The more I spoke to him the more I loved the setting and so it was back to I went again to pick up the Kaidan bundle which in essence was pretty much all of the Kaidan setting up to now including a three module set that looks great.

I have slowly been going through the Kaidan material over the past week and it is all great quality.  Beautiful maps, well presented, well written material.  I have never really looked at much stuff outsider of Paizo’s own material as some that I have was questionable quality but Rite Publishing has restored my faith in third party material.  I am going to run my own campaign after I finish the current campaigns and I do believe it will be set solidly in the lands and islands of Kaidan.

My next purchase from them is this gem

Past Kaidan I am now lining up my next purchases from Rite Publishing.  They have a great series of books called the 101 series.  My first purchase will be the book 101 Variant Monsters closely followed by 101 Legendary Curses I imagine and then 101 Hazards and Disasters.  I have many many more on the wish list but my wallet needs to wait until next weeks resuscitation from my real job.  Once that is done there is the Jade Oath series they have and more.

So there it is.  I have wanted to do this post as a shout out to some people that are working on some of my favourite RPG material at the moment.  I am in no way employed by them and this post comes about simply as I think I should highlight the great stuff coming out from companies like Rite Publishing.  I will review Pathfinder material as it comes out so I think it fair to review other third party material.  They have the Rite quality and the Rite price on their material.  Get out there and check them out!  I am sure you will find something in their catalogue that will inspire you on to even greater gaming.


  1. I’ve been looking at the Kaidan setting as well and I think this post pushed me over the edge. Thanks for the info.


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