First : RPG A Day 2019

I did not even realise that this was out and about in the wild this year.  Such is the damage that losing Google Plus has created.  I found out about it because a creator tagged me in one of his posts because of a review I did on his game.  That was yesterday and for the past eighteen hours or so I have been debating on if I would take part.  I do love this idea and I much prefer the new format that they are taking.  One word prompts.  So, I know I will be tired at the end of this, especially seeing I have to make up ten posts already, but I hope there are still some of you that will visit and make it all worthwhile!  Now on to the first.


The first game I ever ran was a game of Dungeons and Dragons out of the red basic box in the ’80s.  I had been exposed to the game by my cousin who was designing a game for his group and the map fascinated me.  He also showed me Steve Jackson’s Car Wars so I have a lot to thank him for.  My first game was in Grade 6 at Yolla District High School so it would have been 1985.  One of my friends had bought the red box set and he did not know how to play.  I didn’t either but I said I did so I said I would run a game for them.  He gave me the books to prepare and I devoured it in a single sitting and we played a game the next day.

From there I wanted my own games but I did not have much money when I was growing up.  So I bought the indie/cheap games.  I think that is why I am so welcoming of alternative games.  It is why I love trying new systems and settings.  So there you have it my first game laid out.  The lie that I totally knew how to play out in the open thirty years after the act.  I totally appreciate the loan of the game and the career it has sent me on!  Keep rolling!

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