My First Time GMing Experience (Cont.)

. . . What the players didn’t know . . .

As promised the continuation of what didn’t happen although I had planned for it in my first time GMing. Now this adventure was a one shot I had did for the kids. So like I said an old man came to one of the adventurers and told them of a temple that lays in ruins underneath the castle. He also said that there was a magic pool of healing and that it could bring back a fallen comrade. That was all the information that he gave. And of course the adventurer (paladin) didn’t relay the information to the rest of the party.

Wasted planning
The Goddess? – Image Courtesy of rare

This is the temples back story . . . Once stood a majestic temple of the goddess “fill in the blank”.  Many people came to be healed from the pool. Two centuries ago a great war ravaged the land and the temple was destroyed. The temple was long forgotten. A century later the land started to shift and reshape its self. A rock formation engulfed what was left of the temple. A tribe of goblins then took up residence in the cave, digging out tunnels and passages.  30 years past and the Evil king built his Castle on top of the cave never knowing about his neighbors (goblins) whereabouts or anything about a temple and a magic pool.

If the players had investigated around the castle they would have found a hidden entrance underneath the castle leading into the cave. They would have had several goblin encounters. Then they would come to the healing pool. The Goddess would then come before them and ask them to enter the water and heal them. She would also enhance their weapons (+1 attack, +1 damage) and ask them to one day restore the temple in her honor.

Image by Tania Herrero Hernández under a Creative Commons – Non Commercial – No Derivative Works 3.0 Licence

In the back of this room there is a hole in the wall. When they get outside there is a sort of climbing path that they can use to get up to the back of the castle. They can try to climb up to a window and get into the castle that way or find a loose stone and find themselves in the dungeon. Two guards would be on watch keeping an eye on the prisoners. They’d have to fight the guards and break the prisoners out of their cells. Among the prisoners there would be a boy in a dark cloak with the same tattoo as the old man (what can it mean???) So they have secretly infiltrated the castle and have gained more people to join the fight . . .

 . . . But that never happened. You make something to be apart of the adventure, but then the players go off and do something else. You never know what is going to happen in your games. That’s why I’ve kind of gone on to do improv. Don’t get me wrong I still have some what of a structure to my games but try to add on stuff as things come up. My skills are not up to par (Level 1 GM), but I gradually get better and more confident with each new game.Has this ever happened to you? Tell me what happened? Did you just let it go, never to emerge again, or did you re-use it for another time?

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