Forgotten: A Detritus Game Race

Another of the races for the Detritus game.  I have been quite pleased at the response to these so I have decided to show all the races here.  Tomorrow will end the series on the enigmatic Consumers that have so upset the balance in the world of Detritus.


I have made friends with at least one of these humans. They make me sad to think that what we receive here are actually just those that the entirety of the rest of their race has forgotten. It is a common story amongst each of them. Something they call “mental illness”, homelessness or just being purposefully forgotten by their own family. It is unconscionable. They fall through the cracks. Maybe go to sleep in a park or on the street and then wake up here.

Forgotten are from your realm, Earth. They are your own people. Lost and forgotten maybe but your people. It is why I hope to find some of you that are prepared to pitch in and help here. They need saving just as much as the rest of us do. They are quirky, fun and knowledgeable. They are also capable of great things. Many of the Forgotten have improved the world here with their insight into the pieces of detritus that forms our world.

Ann Bugg’s representation of one of the Forgotten

Of course there are those that are difficult, or even impossible, to deal with. They can be rude, hurtful and violent. Some of the Forgotten tell me that this is the Forgotten’s greatest gift. They are changeable and varied. They tell me that it is integral to them as my ability to move matter with my mind, or even the High Priests of the Erudite Church ability to alter things through their faith in the Erudite.

The Forgotten are largely capable here of doing what you can on Earth. None of them have shown any ability in the magic that permeates the world but they have other abilities. They can source material and use it for what it is meant to be used for which means things are much more reliable for them. They know the secrets of the “Electric” and have an ability to tinker like no other. They feel that we (the Lost) are the true innovators but I know that for living we are inventive but you need something reliable it is best to have a Forgotten fixing things up for you.

Forgotten have one ability that the rest of us have never seen in any form from any of the races. Very rarely, one of them travels back the other way through the portal. They shoot up and back through the portal. They almost always return some time after, but they are the only race that have ever managed a return journey. It is impossible to get anything out of them about the return but it is true that they have made that journey.

It is why we believe the Consumers are so interested in the Forgotten. Many of the Consumers congregate around the portals and for a long time we believed that they were seeking the remaining Erudite. Instead we have seen mechanical devices and creatures that they have created approach the portals and been destroyed by them every time. The Consumers have the ability to possess the Forgotten in much the same way that they do us Lost. But it is also true that some of the Forgotten serve of their own free will. They approach the Consumers and make deals with them that serve the Consumer and the Forgotten alike.

The Forgotten that come through the portal all identify as being outcasts in Earth. Apparently they remember everything that happened to them there, unlike us Lost, and they all tend to prefer living here. Largely this is believed to be because we respect them and seek them out when they arrive. On occasion, and possibly more than we would like to admit, we are shunned and the Forgotten flee into the Detritus seeking to create their own lives. Just as often though they join with us in celebration and amaze us with the stories they know and the knowledge they hold.

Forgotten again
Another Forgotten imagined by Ann Bugg

It is a sad time when one of the Forgotten passes on. It is something that has taken us by surprise as we seem to be far more resilient than them. This is of course tied with their weak flesh and their propensity for ageing so much faster than any of the rest of us on Detritus. With no real space for a “burial” (apparently something to do with dirt?) the bodies are reduced to ash on a funeral pyre. Other Forgotten treat this as a time of celebration or sadness in equal measure. Many Forgotten though try to have no dealings with other Forgotten. Apparently their own kind can bring about strange reactions.

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