Four Character Generation Night

choices of game to switch to
The choices

OK.  I have an announcement to make.  Generating four characters in a single night is a very ambitious thing to do.  We failed!  I managed to get three of the systems done and it took us a four-hour session to do so!  We started with Dungeon Crawl Classics (DCC).  Then we moved to Advanced Dungeons and Dragons (AD&D) and finished with Cypher System.  There are only two players that do not have an Earthdawn Character so I will catch up with them prior to Earthdawn night.


Count the number of players right!

The first issue I had was the fact that I thought I was dealing with four players when I actually had five.  That means I was short in the number of character sheets that I had.  Luckily one of my players was about to copy the sheets I was in shortage with so night saved.  DCC was totally the easiest to create for.  Each of the six (we had one extra for this system) players generated four 0 level characters in just over an hour.  It was a fun time.  But the alarm bells did not ring for me at that stage.  Over an hour for the easiest system is an issue.

AD&D is more complicated than I thought

We moved on to AD&D because I thought this was going to be fairly simple to move on to.  I was wrong.  The six (the surprise player stayed for this system) players knew very little of this system.  I had to explain all of the choices and so this system took us the better part of two hours to sort out.  That was without equipment!  I was under the pump at this point but was determined to knock over the cypher System though.  With a little coercion, we moved on to that.

I enjoyed the builds for the Cypher System the most

During the DCC creation, we talked about our previous games.  These discussions were filled with laughter and fond reminiscing.  I thought at that point that we already knew where the decision was going.  But then we moved into Cypher System.  As some of the players worked on detail I covered rules and I think I piqued a lot of the players’ interest.  Interesting characters were made and I was impressed with the process.  So it all still hangs in the balance.

Earthdawn Players

Of the five players, three already have Earthdawn characters.  When we had a night of Conan that was short on players we would play Earthdawn instead.  That means that only two of the five need to catch up and I can do that in the next couple of weeks with them.  The group seemed OK with that solution.

Mechanically speaking

So, for the night, I managed to get through only three of the systems.  That was purely mechanical aspects too, though Cypher includes setting in the setup.  We had fun.  There was a lot of laughs and interest in the games that were presented.  I am really looking forward to where this is heading.  As yet I have no idea what the first game will be that we play, apart from the fact that it will not be Earthdawn!  Wish me luck as I make that decision.  I feel that it will be either DCC or Cypher but that is yet to be decided.  Keep rolling!


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  1. Impressive that you got through that much!


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