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I offer up a lot of free stuff on this site and so do some of the other writers. It was suggested to me that I should make a page and link all the free stuff to it to save you time scrolling through my pages.  I thought that was a great idea so here we are 🙂  Mostly I have delivered Pathfinder material but scroll down to find a complete D&D 5E adventure, a Dread adventure from Katelyn Sweigart and a complete Dungeon Crawl Classics adventure.  If you know of other material that offers up something free and directly useful to your game, let me know as I probably missed it!

free stuff
The Free Stuff Page helps you avoid having to trawl through all the back content to find stuff that is useful NOW!


D&D 5th Edition


Dungeon Crawl Classics

Fantasy Location Maps

Infinity Drive

Infinity Drive is my as yet incomplete science fiction game that I am attempting to create to meet my needs for a science fiction game.  Feel free to grab the incomplete rules and let me know anything you think may work well with it.  Treat it as Creative Commons – Non Commercial – Attribution 3.0 Licence

Silent Legions


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