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OK, I had fun last time so I have decided to do this again.  Random story cubes and another random roll to come up with another story.  By the way I had better put a warning here, this one is a bit graphic and possibly disturbing.  It is based in Numeria of Pathfinder’s Golarion world.

The Roll!

Rory’s Story Cubes App running on my iPhone 🙂

The Love of Silver Mount

We had made the journey from Starfall to the Silver Mount during the night so that as the first light struck the peak of the silver mountain and the rays were reflected down on us we could complete our dance of devotion.  It had been decreed by the High Priestess of Lamashtu herself that should someone dance in the first rays of light sent from the peak of the silver mountain that the mountain itself would open and from this wound a great being would arise that would strike down the opponents of Lamashtu.

I had been hand picked from the flock to do the dance and for three weeks I had been cleansed in the blood of a sphinx every hour to ensure that my dance would be seen and acted on.  Blessings of Lamashtu were placed on me daily so that by the time we had come to travel my arm was shaped like a crabs pincer, but made of red raw flesh.  My eyes had merged into one that was milky white and blind yet the blessings still allowed me to feel the path before me and sense those around me as they tread on the ground or made the smallest noises.  If anything I was now more aware of my surroundings than I had ever been before.

My lover, Kendrik was to travel with me.  he had brought me into the churches fold and shown me that the tales of Lamashtu were fictions based solely on the lies of the old and new gods.  Especially the defiler, Sarenrae.  Lamashtu was a seeker of peace.  But peace can only be achieved by the blood of others.  Each of her creations had been created so that they would seek out those that instilled fear and loathing in others.  Her creations would destroy this hatred and with their blood a new world would be born anew.  A world where Lamashtu controlled those that sought to harm her.  A world that would raise up the wild things for all to see as beautiful creations rather than tools of fear.

I was now a creation of Lamashtu, though I was only the key to her greater creation.  Kendrik told me constantly how beautiful I had become since I had been made anew in Lamashtu’s magic.  It is true too as all the priests now desired me and I lay with many before we left the secrecy of the temple so far below the streets of Starfall.

That last nights journey was made in absolute silence as the priests had maintained it should be.  Kendrik lead me by the hand though I know I saved him from several falls by the time we arrived at the mount.  Dear Kendrik believed I could not see, but I could see far more clearly than he.  They all thought that I was naive and helpless.  If only they had known that Lamashtu now whispered personally to me.  She sang to me when I needed to sleep and whispered to me always what I must do.

And so it came that Lamashtu told me the accursed torch of Sarenrae was but minutes away and so I drew Kendrik to me.  I whispered to him that as a last gift we should make love in Lamashtu’s name one more time.  He was eager and it was quick.  His seed now in me I arose and drew him with me.  he did not know it now but I was not the sacrifice that all of the priests had spoken about.  It was him that would pay the final price.  he fought me but I was by far the stronger.  My crab like hand locked him in his death dance and as the first ray of warmth hit me, Sarenrae’s spear I had Kendrick moving in the beautiful dance of death.  I opened my mouth for the first time in company for a week and showed Kendrick the curved needle like teeth that Lamashtu had finally blessed me with.

His pitiful wailing hurt my delicate ears and so it was his throat that I tore out of him first.  I held him above me as we whirled and let his blood drain down on me. He fought me to the end, bless him in the embrace of Lamashtu.  he sought his dagger but found only a bolt that scratched my arm and drew blood.  But the pain was lost in me as I had found rapture and I danced and danced whilst I feasted on his flesh until Kendrik was no more than bones and offal covering the ground and myself.

I was breathing heavily as I felt the heat inside of me and I called out.  I do not know the name of the language that I called out in, nor do I remember the actual words but I knew that the voice was mine and the will was Lamashtu’s.  I called out like this at least a dozen times.  Each time the words burnt like fire through my mind and brought me closer and closer to death as it seemed they were unanswered.

I lay prostrated after the final call believing myself unworthy.  I had been the key but I had failed in the lock.  I thought of the glory of Lamashtu and was ashamed.  But then there was a slight tremor that I heard rather than felt.  The rumbling came again but this time it moved my body physically and it breathed new life into my limbs.  I found the strength to sit up and look to the Mount and saw that it had indeed opened.  A huge crack had opened from the peak of the mountain to the ground.  It was straight on either side, straighter than the edge of Kendrik’s sword.  At the base of the shape there stood a figure. 
It was no more humanoid than I now was.  Its form was continuously shifting as it walked toward me.  All at once it was the size of a mouse and an elephant.  It was made of all colours and none.  It’s flesh smelt of rotting carcasses and the finest Qadirian perfumes.  It was change.  It was chaos.  It was Lamashtu’s newest birth.

It came to me, finally its form settling.  It was grey and black with many eyes and skin spiked and rough as sand paper.  The child had grown immensely so that it would look down on the greets Titan that ever walked the lands.  It scooped and lifted me with withered fingers tipped in razor sharp talons that it cut me with regardless of its tenderness.  I did not feel the pain and simply nuzzled into what you may think of as it’s palms and felt my flesh peel away as I caressed it.  It spoke to me in that same language and I replied.  It was seeking Starfall where there were many sinners to the teachings of Lamashtu.  I agreed and for the first time felt real love.

I was the key that unlocked true salvation for Numeria, and with luck, all of Golarion.

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