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This one is a little tough to write about actually.  Again, I feel that the friendships I have had in this hobby have almost been blown to the winds.  Of the people I used to chat to on a daily basis, I now am lucky to contact them once a month, and that is on a good month.



There are two fronts that this has changed on.  The first is my workload.  I now am in a job that has a super large workload.  I work as IT in a medium-sized company (100-200 employees).  But I am the only person that works IT there.  At the moment I am at home sick and I am spending most of my sick time at my computer resolving IT issues remotely because no-one else can.  That sort of workload does not allow for many contacts with the dozens of people I used to talk to about gaming on a daily basis.

Having closed down my board game store and the loss of G Plus has almost completely destroyed my friendships around my hobby.  There are a few guys (the solid regulars at the store) who I continue gaming with now.  They are great.  Good friends and of a like mind to me but it is a greatly reduced number to those I used to have as a pool of friends around gaming.  I miss you all!  But life changes and we must roll with those changes – good or bad.  Keep rolling.

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