Gareth Hodges has beauty, rich and rare

I read the who am I section of Gareth’s and was mightily impressed. ¬†I think I must go all single white female on him and take over his life…

An image of the Crucible from Cosm games
The Crucible – read on and learn ūüôā

Tell us who you are and what you have designed?

I am Gareth Hodges, editor for Monte Cook Games and Metal Weave games, and for my own company Cosm I have just launched the Crucible RPG on Kickstarter. We’re already funded and have over a week to go! It’s my first full length game system, and I’ve poured my heart into it. It addresses three major elements in gaming I really wanted to speak about: morality, diversity and immersive mechanics.

A few of my short games have made it out there, including Spinner, a one page game appearing in the 2015 Indie+ Horror Anthology.

I have talked with someone about Cosm games once – it appears they are big fans so I have to find out more now.

What is it that makes you want to design games?

Designing games is my way of sharing stories with people beyond my gaming group. I love the collaboration and communication that happens around design, with team-mates, contributors and audience, and the amazing unexpected things that come out of those interactions.

Sharing beyond your gaming group – I prefer to think of it as expanding my gaming group but really, in the end, it is all semantics.

What are the games that inspire you most?

Nobilis 2E is the game of my heart. It is sweeping and beautiful, and every time I read it I see something new.

7th Sea was my favourite for a long time, and my longest running campaign at 9 years.

The Indie RPG scene is full of short games with huge concepts. Cold Soldier, Puppetland, Shooting the Moon, One Shot, the list goes on.

I¬†thought I was pretty knowledgeable about Indie games and then out he comes with three games I have never heard of…

What makes Australian games different from others?

The great community support for developers Down Under; even though we’re technically competing in the same market, it’s nevertheless a friendly, collaborative group who pool their knowledge and ideas for mutual gain.

I have to say I agree with you.  It is also why I understand when bigger companies say that though they are competing with one another gamers are really just a group of supportive friends.

Where can we get your games from?

Kickstarter! (until Nov 12th, then pre-orders on BackerKit)

And the Indie+ Horror Anthology is at

Are you working on anything at the moment?

Crucible is my major undertaking of the moment, but I’m already planning a nano-punk game using the same basic system, and a graphic novel with a friend.

Sounds interesting!

Any final words?

Cats try to help with game design, but they just end up making it about themselves.


Well, in the process of setting up this blog entry I managed to trip over and back ANOTHER Kickstarter (thanks Gareth).  I am really intrigued about this one Рit looks rich and beautiful so I am in.  Gareth has some great credentials in the business and so I will be keeping an eye on the stuff that comes from Cosm games!

We have six more profiles to go and the next is a gentleman who I have gamed with before.  Ken Martin.

By the way, if anyone knows of game making ladies from Australia can you point out what we are doing on the blog and get them to follow the link to the form to give me their details.  They exist, I know it and I want to promote them just as much too!

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