Golden Soil Wealth and Toil, Wade Dyer

Home page of Fragged Empire
Fragged Empire website home page

Tell us who you are and what you have designed?

Wade Dyer.  I created the RPG Fragged Empire.

I remember this when it was coming out – there was a lot of excitement about it in the Google+ RPG circles.  I was heavily committed to another game at the time so could not afford the investment.

What is it that makes you want to design games?

A love of creating deep, beautiful works.

The website of this game seems to suggest that it is certainly beautiful.  I really would like to take a look at this one.  I love sci-fi, not so much apocalyptic sci-fi but hey, if it is good, it is good.

What are the games that inspire you most?

Beautiful deep games.

Makes sense 🙂

What makes Australian games different from others?

Not sure sorry :p I don’t think we are that different. Maybe just smaller budgets?.

A realist 🙂

Where can we get your games from?

It is a beautiful site and has a lot of content from a browse through.

Are you working on anything at the moment?

An expansion to my setting.


The setting looks lovely and rich at the moment so more can’t hurt.  I have got a yes that they would consider selling at the store so hopefully you will be able to pick it up at Games On Board soon too.

Sunday will see us pop up the details for Craig Judd, a fellow North Western Tasmanian who has made a universal RPG called Powerframe.  Check it out tomorrow.  Sorry this one was a bit late – I forgot I had a Karate grading this morning!

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