Had an interaction today which reminded me why I miss Google+

So, I know I am not the most active on here anymore.  I fully intend to keep this site here as a resource for the foreseeable future, but every time I go to write something, I feel like I have already written it here.  Once, I also used to be a lot more interactive with developers and roleplayers all the time because of the community that was Google +.  But that went by the wayside, and I lost touch with a lot of things, especially indie games.  Indie RPGs are where my heart lies wholly.  It makes me sad to think that most people see Dungeons and Dragons as the one and only thing.

Today though, I had an interaction that reminded me of my times with Google +.  You see, I am a lot more active on Twitter now.  That platform seems to feed me the news and people that say stuff that means something to me.  It is here that I sometimes come across posts that lead me to discoveries.  Today was such a day.  I was travelling through the Twitterverse when I came across a tweet from someone I had never encountered before, and it spoke to me.

Original Tweet

To be honest, it had me at #indie and #ttrpg.  So I replied.  I needed to know what this game was and it never hurts to download something and check it out.

Reply and followup

A quick reply and I have to say, I was taken by the art of the image that he had shown me.  If you are too, and you want to make the designer smile, you can click here and go to the page.  After all, it is pay what you want, and it will make someone smile.  Now, by the time we had reached this point I had decided to drop $10 (in USD) to get a punch the air and happy dance response (has to be over to get a happy cry).  So I went to the site, paid the $10 via Paypal and shot back this response.

Tweet 3 cat in a tower

I was so happy to see this picture.  The premise of the game is a beauty in a tower, and here was a true beauty in a tower.  I had just bought the game at this point and had not read it.  It is a one-page game and I got to reading it, as you will see in the next exchanges.  The game’s premise is that a number of suitors turn up to a noble beauty in a tower (of indeterminate gender) and attempt to impress them as they climb the tower to win their hand.  It is a simple game with light-hearted fun at the heart of it.

It could be used as an encounter in any game or used as written.  Either way, it tickled my fancy when I read it, and there are a couple of options where they may reach the tower top and find out that the beauty may be more than expected.  Seriously, download it and take a look.  It is great.  Anyway, here is the remainder of the interaction.

Final Tweets to a happy Mark, Cat and Bardbarian

I love the RPG community and these kinds of interactions.  Hopefully some of you download the game and take a look.  I hope some of you then give the Merry Bardbarian some love in the way of $’s if you can afford it to keep the cat and them in food.  If you can’t, at least know that you have made the Merry Bardbarian smile, and likely as part of that smile they will give the cat the pats and attention that it deserves.  Until next time, keep rolling!

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  1. You old softies, sucker for cats still, but nice story👍


  2. I miss G+ too! It was such a loss to me, when it went. I loved that community so much. And like you, losing that made me less active on my blog. I’ll try to track you down on Twitter, and I’ll poke some friends towards the game


    1. Thanks Fern, I am hopefully going to be back more often, starting today!


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