Have You Heard About Let Us Game Convention?

I am an (unofficially) member of the crew that is working to create the Let Us Game Convention (LUGCon).  The LUGCon is a convention that is conducted wholly online via Google+ Hangouts and I became involved as a mate of mine +Jonathan Henry was in need of some programming expertise.  Although what I needed to do became less critical in the lead up to this event I am still marginally involved helping out where I can.

Come to L.U.G.Con!

So what can you expect from LUGCon?  Lots of games to play.  It is held from the 14th to the 16th of June.  Across this weekend there will be a huge array of games to watch or join in on.  I am running three games myself, starting with the Edge of Space game Incident at Intrepid Station on the Friday night (Australian time), on the Saturday night I am running a Japanese styled Pathfinder game set in the Kaidan campaign area at the Samurai Bath House and finally on the Sunday night I am running the first public play-test of the RPG that I am writing called Detritus information of which you can find out on other posts on the blog with the adventure title Eye of the Consumer.  Spots in all of these games are still open, and if one fills up I am likely to run it again on the Sunday morning!

To find my games, and the others that are on go to the L.U.G.Con Events page and have a look around.  Sign up to the community, sign up to a game!  Introduce yourself!  What does it cost to join a game or the community?  Nothing!  A bit of your time and a bit of your internet download is all you will need to get involved.  Want to run a game there?  There are details on how to put the game up and what to do at the time.  We are trying to get as much fun as we can over the weekend, the more games, the more fun!

Apart from games there will be industry chats, gamer chats and the Iron GM prize to award.  So if you are in to gaming and have a few hours free at some time from the 14th to 16th of June then get involved!!!  The more the merrier!  See you there.

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