Have You Heard the News? Fantasy Grounds Rocks!

So I have reviewed Fantasy Grounds, the virtual tabletop a few times on here before and tried to get a few of you to take a look because it is pretty damn cool.  But I got side swiped by a bit of news that they have been working on today that makes it a huge win and no doubt a lot more appealing to a lot of you.

Fantasy Grounds has announced that they are officially developing product for and integrating the ruleset of Dungeons and Dragons into their virtual tabletop.  That is correct, a partnership between the two – this is huge!

fantasy grounds
This is the stuff I love to see. A product I believe in making big deals!

This is what they have to say on their blog!

We are proud to announce that we are officially licensed to sell D&D source material and content inside of Fantasy Grounds! This is the beginning of a great new partnership between SmiteWorks and Wizards of the Coast that will benefit gamers worldwide.

You can purchase the D&D Complete Core Class Pack with all the class, feats, spells and equipment or you can purchase individual classes only. You can also buy the monsters in packs or as the D&D Complete Core Monster Pack. These products have been converted to work really tightly with Fantasy Grounds to give you the best possible gaming experience – we know you’re going to love them. They contain all the great artwork and content from the official products and all the smarts and integration to work with Fantasy Grounds. Not only will you get the same content that can be found in print, but you also get an exciting new Fifth Edition theme, adventures and content customized specifically for ease of play inside of Fantasy Grounds.

So now there is no excuse for you.  If you love online gaming and you love the new version of D&D there is no excuse not to combine that love with Fantasy Grounds.  Go on, you know you want to!  It almost even makes me want to run a game of D&D on it!  Keep rolling.

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  1. Its about Goram time WotC did this, instead of stealing their look for presentations about what they want in to look like.


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