Hero Sheets are Looking to Implement GM Tools

I see the value in the Hero Sheets setup and have featured them on the blog a couple of times before.  Well, I need to put this out there again!  It appears that Hero Sheets are looking to add some GM Tools by raising $1500.  They are about halfway there and there is four weeks to go so let us see if we can help them get there.

One of the rewards is a T-Shirt.  Everyone needs a T-Shirt
or they would be topless.  Don’t want to be topless do you?

If they make the $1500 we are looking at a searchable spell compendium, an NPC Generator and a Bestiary to be added to the site.  Anything past that has some great stretch goals like Macros and a bunch of other material that looks very intriguing.  Have a look at the Kickstarter page here and consider backing the team to add some flexibility to this growing tool.  Even the lowest level backer gets a free four month subscription to the site and that is well worth a $5 investment.

Don’t forget that if you just want to sign up to the Kickstarter but would like to check it out then the reader of www.thepathfinderchronicles.com can get a 25% discount off your first month OR year if you take up that subscription on an annual basis.  A very generous offer that I have to thank Jordan for.  If you do want to sign up after reading this review all you have to do is enter PCHRONICLES in the coupon code section when signing up and that discount will be applied.  Hero Sheets can be located via this link!

Hope you are in for the support!  I am heading over to Kickstarter to do my bit right now 🙂  Keep rolling!

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