Holidays: Not Enough Gaming

I always go on holidays for the summer break (about 6 weeks in Australia) with the grand idea that I will run a lot of one shots and get involved so I am neck deep in games.  I also always forget how busy this time is until after New Years due to Christmas and family and all the other usual suspects.  So much so that I left work on the 14th of December last year and it is now the 8th of January and I have played, in grand total, one game in those three to four weeks.  I ran a game of Numenera, and that was largely just by willpower that I got it done.

Sci-Fi RPG work
Not enough gaming!

Thank goodness my regular games start again this coming week!  Reign of Winter on the Monday and the in person game starts again on the Tuesday (probably still playing 5E D&D grumble….).  I am so looking forward to it!  I normally run two games through the year and though I have had thoughts on what it would be I have not yet decided and today I even got a third idea, damn me.  Just to keep you in the loop my other two ideas are;

  1. Near future Traveller where Jump technology is accidentally discovered (or, if you do not yet get the reference, my Farscape emulator)
  2. A super hero game using the 1980’s Australian RPG called Super Squadron where the players are earmarked to become a cities protectors

My final idea came to me this morning (damn it) of running a full scale Traveller game with FATE Core.  Not Diaspora, which people keep pointing at, but FATE Core with my understanding of my Traveller universe.  I have also (annoyingly) done a lot of preparation work for the first two options and also have some cool ideas in place for the third!  Then let us be straight forward about this too, I have Dungeon Crawl Classics winging toward me from Europe for my birthday too.  I have started reading some of the PDF I bought about a year ago and it is right up my alley too!

Sometimes knowing so many games is such a curse.  I want to play them all, all the time.  Not to mention I am also trying desperately to get Detritus finished by the end of January!  I have the art done but I keep rewriting bits and pieces that annoy me when really I should be deep in play-testing at the moment!

Anyhow, I think I just needed to beef!  Get it all off my chest that this relaxing time I am meant to be having is far from relaxing and I have done little to no gaming!  Thanks for letting me get it all out there!  Keep rolling!


  1. I have quite a few RPG friends from players to GM’s to creators to those that just plan an adventure then never play nor GM.

    A lot of GM’s want to take on more games (or actually play one) and most of the time their solution is to run/play a monthly game that usually runs on a Saturday or Sunday. It usually starts around 9-10am and finishes around 10/12 hours later (or much later some days).

    One of them (Jason) actually runs a one shot the first Sunday of each month with a different RPG each month (in two years he’s run only one RPG twice). We’re pretty sure he’s using every campaign idea he has ever tried to create since he first started 30 odd years ago.

    A few of the others rotate who GM’s the game on their monthly session (along with a few regular players). Having two players who are twin schizophrenics who they all use, which becomes interesting when one character is a thief, druid and ranger and the other is a Barbarian, Ranger and Fighter (one of them thinks he is a half orc, but the character is Human)

    Another good friend (Ricky) has a very slow paced game on a forum where everyone plays by post. But once in a blue moon when everyone can make it (and I mean EVERYONE in the party) he will run a live session.

    As a suggestion… just don’t burn your creative imagination out (I’ve seen that too many times).


    1. Thanks for the comment John. I try to walk the fine line between too much gaming and not enough every year. My wife thinks I cross that line and I think I manage it nbicely. Perhaps I should take up a one shot schedule once a month. You have given me a lot to mull over – thanks 🙂


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