How Would A Paladin…

I have been terrorizing the internet with my morally ambiguous questions and it got me to wondering about the most pious of classes, the Paladin.  Most fantasy games run a down the line idea of good and evil but in the past I have toyed with this assumption before.  I have made lands where there are more ambiguity than solid fact so I pose to you, dear reader, the questions of how a Paladin would handle the following situations.

What would the Paladin do?
  1. The Paladin finds himself in a land ruled by a lich who was once a benevolent leader but over time has created laws that would be considered evil in other countries.  Does the Paladin abide by those laws or does he actively oppose them?
  2. Aboard a ship the Paladin is involved in a battle by a boarding pirate ship.  At the climax the Paladin finds out that the pirate was cheated by the captain of his ship and is there to claim his rightful payment.  What does the Paladin do?
  3. The Paladin encounters a Devil that has information that will free a horde of angels taken hostage by a demon.  the Devil demands the sacrifice of an invalid woman who is near death.  What does the Paladin do?
  4. The Paladin’s God, a God of healing demands that the Paladin sacrifice his party members in his name.  What does the Paladin do?

Just some thoughts at the moment.  These could make a good basis for a game or even a campaign.  Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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