I Built a Numenara Character Today

So, today has been taken up largely by sleeping as I went to a house warming party last night and then out on the town with my lovely wife.  So I am feeling a little slow at the moment but that is OK.  When I finally got myself together (shocked awake by how truly awful the movie The Host was) I hopped online and saw my good buddy +Cameron Corniuk was online.  So I started chatting to him and he told me he was about to try the Vegemite I sent him (every American should try Vegemite at least once in their life) so I hopped into a video call with him and laughed my head off when the Vegemite flavour overtook him (and later watched as he looked on in horror as I ate a large amount of it).  Still he is keen to get me into Numenara, +Monte Cook‘s new game that has come out with a lot of fanfare.

It has snagged me, finally!

Cameron pointed me to an online character generator (which is quite fun actually) to save me a lot of reading.  You can get to the character generator from here.  It basically gives you a random method for creating the statement that defines the character and then pre-fills some details for you on the sheet.  The character generation system was quite quick when using this and I am sure that once you have read through the options I think it would be quick if doing it by hand also.  But I am not here to review the system, you really need to look at Cameron’s blog for some good reviews on the game.  It can be accessed here.

I had missed the Kickstarter on purpose for Numenara for reasons that I have mentioned before on this blog.  When Cameron started blogging on the subject I read a couple of the initial posts as he does a good (and normally in-depth) review.  It still did not grab me.  But one day Cameron and I were talking about Pathfinder and Numenara and he mentioned that it was quite a bit like my own project in that they are worlds built on the detritus of others.  That was the first spark of interest that I had.  That spark has begun to grow and after todays session building a camera I am quite taken with the idea of the setting and the system.

I was also very impressed with the game from another perspective that Cameron mentioned to me.  Monte Cook has reserved 300 copies of the books for educators to use in schools where they think it will help.  I teach game design (software based but I show all types of games for inspiration and for the how to process) and I have put in my request for this process.  you have to fill out a form and then they chase up some details and get back to you.  It is really good that they have considered doing this.

So I have some catching up to do.  Some reading of Cameron’s reviews and comments on the system in the near future is in order.  I will trawl the internet for information about the game and then look to see how much it is going to cost me to get a copy of the game on my shelf.  I plan to have a game with Cameron over the inter-webs with the character I made today (I am a Strong willed Jack who fights with panache.  

What games have crept up on you?  Is there a game that you looked at once on the shelf and just decided that it wasn’t for you only to have it bit by bit enslave you to its coolness?  There are not too many in my life that have done that.  Numenara now (obviously) and possibly Star Wars (d20 version). Let me know what games have done this to you.  Once you got to play them were they a disappointment or were they everything you had hoped for?  I would love to hear about it.  Until next time, keep rolling!

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