I Got A Goodie I Am Allowed to Share from the Syrinscape and Paizo Collaboration!

I thought I would make this a two part post so everyone gets excited about the new Syrinscape situation.  Benjamin Loomes sent me an audio file of the Goblin Song!  That is right, in Rise of the Runelords when the Goblins invade the festivities with a tune of their own…  well here it is!  Click on the play button below to listen to the sterling rendition of the Goblin Song!

Then, being all multi-media savy and all we also have the promo video for the combination of Syrinscape’s Fantasy Player and Paizo’s awesome content for Pathfinder!

I hope you have enjoyed all this goodness!  I will finish with a third post about this venture after I have interviewed Mr Loomes and have some more interesting news to share!

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