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Hi all, as I am running the Demolished Ones tonight and will put it through the blog I thought todays effort from me would be to start a conversation.  I want to hear from GM’s and players.  I want you to tell me in the comments, what is the favourite or most memorable NPC you have ever created or interacted with?

 I have a couple that I cannot separate as a player.  I have one as a GM but as he is still current I will not be sharing him here :).  The first was a werewolf.  I never did get his name but he arrived as my character (Amphora) was resting from his travels.  Amphora was a half-orc fighter cleric in a second edition AD&D game.  He had recently looted the body of a mad mage and as he was a foolhardy sort he simply put all the magic users rings on his fingers.  Amphora, at this time, was a little (read majorly) evil and had a tendency to rip the heart out of peoples chests as one of the magical items was telling him to do so.

Good NPC’s are a mix of art and design!

The werewolf whom I had never met before arrived and advised Amphora to hand over a ring.  I could keep everything else but the ring had to go back with him.  I was very worried about contracting lycanthropy and this discussion lasted a full on hour as we talked it back and forwards but the GM and his werewolf got to me and I handed the ring over in the end.  The fear of the werewolf along with his honeyed words won the ring and I gave it over.  Also the fact that I could be negotiated with also won me a position on the mad mages henchman list as I had handed over the soul jar he had been captured in and after he was resurrected I got a job alongside the werewolf as a henchman!

The other NPC was created by +Cam Mcloughlin and was Bobby the bouncing beggar boy.  He appeared often in a 2nd edition AD&D campaign I used to play in with my paladin Dodger Trueflight. He was always a good source of information for a copper, silver or a gold.  He had a gammy leg and bounced when he walked, hence the name.  I think I even used Bobby the bouncing beggar boy when I took the reigns as a GM from Cam for a while.  Cam has only recently told me that Bobby was in fact a spy.  I didn’t ask for who which I must put on my to do list…

So tell me, who is your favourite NPC you have created or experienced in a game?  Keep rolling!

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