Idea : RPG a Day 2019

Am I meant to put up an idea that can be stolen and used by others in a far better way than I ever could?  OK – sounds like a plan!  Well, not really but I will talk about something that struck me very recently while playing a video game to a hundred percent that I had always wanted to.


I love a good post-apocalypse game.  In fact, I love Apocalypse World but I never seem to be able to do that genre justice.  Recently I had the opportunity to build myself a decent gaming computer.  Once I had I wanted to find a game that I would enjoy playing on it and I settled on Mad Max.  I had bought it for Playstation a long time ago but never played it very far.  It was always a game that I wanted to play to completion though.  So I got lost in the game for 56 hours or so…

Mad Max is something that we Australians hold up with pride.  We love this franchise like no other and it was while playing this that I had an idea.  That idea was purely about how simple choices that are done well make a game.  Take the factions in this video game!  They evoke the setting just in their names – War Boys, Roadkill, Buzzards.  The individuals in it – Chumbucket, Lord Scrotus, Deep Friah!  These words hold power and build the setting in a perfect way.  I waded through thousands of these characters in-game and though they literally all are different variations of the same thing – they feel so evocative.

Inspiring even.  My next venture is likely going to be based largely off this idea that I had.  I can’t wait to get it underway but I have too.  Soon Gadget, soon… Keep rolling.


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  1. Husbit convinced me to watch the Mad Max films. I agreed with reluctance – cars and violence and action didn’t have much appeal for me, and that’s the impression I’d been given – but was quickly converted.

    Think it’s about time for a rewatch…


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