If You Could Bring to Life a Game in the Style of an Author, Who Would You Choose?

Who is your muse?

I am interested to find out if you design your games along the style of a particular author?  I think I have always unconsciously done it.  With my fantasy games I started out trying to get the feel in my games like Raymond E Feist’s novels.  My friends were much more in the Gemell camp.  Then there was the sci-fi games.  I was a fan of a little known set of books about the Last Legionnaire by Douglas Hill.  My friends were a little all over the place with their sci-fi books.

As I have matured my tastes have changed.  My fantasy materials are much broader and now include Tolkien too.  Feist is still there.  Moorcock and LeGuinn are also certainly amongst it as well.  Sci-fi has changed too though Hill is still there.  Aasimov, Hamilton, William Gibson are right in there.

So I am just curious as I am keen to broaden my horizons.  What are your influences when you build your games?  Which author do you turn to when you need inspiration?  Let me know who you read to get the creative juices flowing and tell me why they are your choice.  What makes them stand out so I can decide who to add to the bookshelf!  Keep rolling 🙂

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