It Is Time To Get Their Pirate On!

Getting kitted up for the game tonight.

Tonight for the first time the players will be sailing out onto the oceans of Golarion in a fully repaired and squibbed ship for no other purpose apart from committing acts of piracy!  This is the spiritual start of these books where the players start to get to build their reputation.  And with the cesspool of characters that this mob has come up with it is going to be interesting!  After all, this campaign was the one that they all decided that they were going to get their evil on.

Let me give you an example of the evil that they have planned.  The first mate, a drow elf by the name of Daranis is a necromancer.  He currently has Mister Plugg and Master Scourge, the two prtagonists of the first module, stored in a sweat box for torturing purposes.  I got this text message during the week…

The Black Promise

[H]ey was [P]lug[g] or [S]courge the pilot on the ship?  [B]ecause if so I wanted to eventually turn one of them into a ghast and control them possibly as the pilot…

Hopefully now you are beginning to understand what I mean by cesspool of characters.  In fact, if you walk into a bar and meet their characters you would later describe that bar as a hive of scum and villainy.  Which is partially why this is such an exciting time.  We will see if the bluster and pomp has any substance as they have all been talking the big game with nothing to back them up as yet.

Also, part of the excitement is that we will get to break out the prop ships a lot more!  I set the players the homework of reading the rules regarding ship to ship combat that was in the players guide as well as the rules on plunder and infamy that were a little preemptively put in the first module of the adventure path.  To increase the excitement of this I also 3D printed a couple of miniature pirate ships for use rather than tokens as they attempt to close in on the ships.

A familiar face in the Captain’s cabin

Last game with them was quite funny as their ship was christened I let loose the phrase of cracking the rock which is a plot hook to move the main story forward in the players own time.  They asked what it meant and Fishguts Kroop told them the story (to find it out you will have to stay tuned) and the players moaned about the blatant plot hook for about five seconds before one of them piped up and said “Sounds like a cool plot hook though!” to which they all thoroughly agreed.  I am really glad that this AP has finally gotten under their skin and the players are keen to keep it moving.

Anyhow, I have some reading to do before tonights game (oh and some teaching too!) so I will report tomorrow on how well these pirates are for striking fear into the merchant’s of the shipping lane!

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