L.U.G.Con Game day!

It is morning and I am staring down the barrel of running four games this weekend!  It all kicks off tonight as I head into the world of Edge of Space!!!  The marines are heading out to a space station that has been investigating a local moon at the far reaches of space.  The last contact was around two weeks ago and the marines have been called in to find out what has occurred.  The marines expect there to be some kind of alien life to be at fault here, but what will they find.  The base communications over the past couple of years have been classified to the highest level after a find on the moon…

First up tonight!  Edddddggggggeeee offffffff Spaaaaace!

Saturday night and Sunday morning sees two sessions of the one game of Pathfinder set in Rite Publishings Kaiden setting.  The players (mostly samurai) are chasing an assassin who killed their Lords son and only heir to find out which clan ordered the hit and how they can chase the culprit down.  The group are a capable (level 12) focussed group that tackle supernatural entities as the assassin apparently was a being made completely of writhing red maggots…

And finally, the crescendo of my L.U.G.Con experience will be me running a public play-test of my game called Detritus.  The players will be heading to Dechmont Station to find some rarer parts of detritus for the old T.V. Gunlinger star that has made some designs for a new type of gun.  Black powder is hard to come by so he is trying a new pneumatic system when they come across a community in hiding after being ravaged by a beast created by the Consumer known as “Vajaw”.

So, lots of water for my voice and coffee to keep me going through the weekend!  I hope to see a lot of you there!

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