Last nights Reign of Winter hangout

Last night saw the second of my hangout games broadcast in the Reign of Winter campaign.  We had three new players join and one of the existing players could not make it.  I had spent most of the day preparing everything on roll20 so things would run smoothly but things proved to be a little bit of a comedy of errors from my standpoint.

Next hangout will be on air so it will get recorded…

Firstly, I had organised another area to have games from so +Cam Mcloughlin and I did not have to sit in the same room together and cause echo.  Once I arrived at the new destination I realised I did not have the keys I needed to get in and I only had 9 minutes until game time!  I rang Cam and ended up at his place, arriving just in time to open my macbook and open the hangout as scheduled!

I then noted that the hangout was not going to be recorded as I had hoped.  Someone had told me I just had to hit a button when opening the hangout to do this.  This is true if you are setting up the hangout from scratch but when it was already set up as a part of an event it needs to be organised with the event which I failed to do.  So next week will be the first week that the hangout gets sent to you tube.

It took us around 15 minutes to get everybody to a point where we could start after a bit of mucking around and a recap of what happened the week before for the new players.  I had made the decision that I would not be giving reasons as to why some characters arrived and disappeared due to personal schedules, just that the players should assume that they had all been travelling together regardless of the company week by week.  So I had just started to get into the game when one other player joined a little late (she had said she would be a little late) and I switched mode to discuss hero points.

I had decided to allow the use of hero points as outlined in the Advanced Players Guide with a twist as a trial.  I had never liked the addition as hero points as written as there was no balancing to it and the players could use them freely so I decided to add my own twist to them.  I have been playing an online hangout game of Fate Core recently and I really liked the concept of “Aspects” that they use so I decided that I would use a similar system in this game where the players came up with some aspects for their characters and that they could use hero points whenever their actions were tied to the aspects for the character.  By doing this I hope to encourage a stronger sense of character in the roleplaying that the players get rewarded for by being able to use hero points.  The aspects the players chose were;

  1. An aspect that represented the core of their character concept;
  2. A trouble aspect, or an aspect that causes concern to the character (to build drama); and
  3. One of the other players linked to the characters story and gave their character an aspect to use.
Nobody went for the fate point option last night so it remains to be seen how the system will work out.

So, after about half an hour of aspect talking we got back into the game.  I found that I am still a little bit at sea when it comes to fully understanding the roll20 system but I hope to be fluent soon.  It caused me some grief last night as I had prepared a heap of handouts to show the players various things and then could not get them to show to the players for about ten minutes while I worked out how to set the permissions correctly.  I also had several stuff ups attempting to switch maps and talk about things only to realise I had not changed the player view.  Also, even though I was sitting in the room with Cam and using the same connection I kept cutting out and we had to spend a little bit of time hooking me up physically (rather than wi-fi) to the modem.
The players edged their way along the trail and encountered a serpent not native to the region, some pixies fond of knocking out Dwarven Fighters ( +libby furr  ) with their colour spray only to fall to the same spell cast by our two new players +Martin Miyake and his wife Angie.  They are both playing Elven Wizards, one a utility mage and the other a combat mage.  Finally they came across a talking stag who they managed to get a lot of information out of.

Plot aside, Shun (played by +Eric M ) continued his tradition of rolling atrociously all night, only getting double digits on his d20’s around three times.  His initiative rolls totalled 15, 14 and 13 in each scenario and he gets +10 to them!  The other new player Gordon Smith is playing a half-elven rogue and was with us up until the second encounter when he got dumped and could not get back on.  He also had other commitments for the night but it was good to have him for the time he was there.  

So, the next game is up and it is an “On Air” event which means anyone can watch it and it will go to my Youtube account after it so people can check it out that way.  The players are not too far away from heading to the ranger lodge that was the initial goal, although they have now found out that it is has been inhabited by bandits and other creatures from the witches home lands of Irrisen.  Come and join us there!

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