Last Week’s Game and Patreon

I finally managed to get myself up to date and release that Patreon I have been talking about.  There is a reward already up and I am working on the reward for the “Modules!” reward section today and tomorrow.  Things are also pretty hectic at work but I should be able to get everything sorted by the end of the week.  I have the game again tonight so I am working toward that also, the horizon event is coming ever closer and tonight may just well bring it to the gates of Privet.

Last Weeks Game

The party gathered together and quickly decided to assist the gypsy women that were being stalked by wolves on the mountain trails below Privet.  Gathering with the midwife Falstaff Cade they headed off down the mountain and found the women.  They had on the way been so foolhardy as to cause Falstaff to speed ahead of them and she nearly paid with her life.  She ran straight into a rockfall trap (designed by the protagonist at the gypsy site) that alerted those further down the trail.  It knocked Falstaff under her pony and broke the ponies legs.

Brindle – the blind wolf

The players had to put the pony down but were able to save Falstaff.  They began reigning in their impulses and moved with more purpose down the mountain where they faced an Orcish druid in control of a trio of wolves.  This encounter was a dangerous one for the group, but they prevailed based on the attributes given to the wolves.  Only one was super aggressive.  Of the other two one was blind and cautious and the final one was a coward who sought opportunity in attacking the wagon with the gypsies.

Half the party fell in the battle but none of them were killed outright.  The gypsies were saved and the young mother was finally able to give birth with the assistance of Falstaff Cade next to the Gypsy caravan leader, Violenta Stafford.  They stayed the evening and made wuite the impression on Violenta with their earnest help and fierce protection of the Travelers.

The following day they made it back up to Privet and entered through the front gate.  The town seemed a little more alive than usual with the circus setting up.  They were having difficulties in getting everything that they needed sorted and were looking for people in the local community that could assist.  Each of those that could assist was getting a token that would allow them to attend a special one time only performance.  Some of the players received these tokens, others have not.  There was a great amount of role-playing done in this portion of the game and their is a lot of conjecture as to what this is building to also.


There are three levels of support on the Patreon page that can be accessed from here.

Thanks $1

The Thanks reward level is the level in which your support will get you a thanks on everything I do whilst you are at this support level.  You will not see much of the material at this level but you will be notified each time something goes out with a thanks to you on it and receive a copy of the thank you page.  Once a month on RPG Knights I will be sending out a thanks to everyone also that supports me.

Support Material $5

This is where most of the action is going to happen in reality.  Something will be posted to this level perhaps 3-4 times a month as my development of the game works in concert with this.  The context of a lot of this material may be a little skewed if you do not keep up with the posts about the game on the blog. That said they will all be usable, refined bits of information easily dropped into your own games.  You also get everything of a higher level.

Modules! $10

The highest level of support.  This level gets everything from above and more.  Once to twice a month I will be providing a mini-module that can be slotted into games.  The mini-module will mirror an encounter or set of encounters that my players have faced in game.  This will be fleshed out with statistics of important NPC’s, maps where needed and a bit of detail on how you could include this in your own adventures.  These are similar to the old encounters I used to do on RPG Knights, but with greater depth and detail.  Every now and again it is likely that the mini-module may be less mini and more module also!


The game is going well and has now been permanently slotted into the Wednesday night schedule at the store.  It has meant displacing another game on that night but that game was unreliable from a business perspective and longer term was likely to be replaced in the near future.  This game has a good deal of support and I am even beginning to look for openings where I can run a second game in the same setting.  A game on Sundays has now fallen through, but Sunday can be an awkward day, so I am keeping a look on all the other times I have to see if they can be turned toward use of a second game in this style.  Keep rolling!

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