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Well, it has been some time since I have visited my blog.  But this is for all the right reasons!  I have been busy, developing and gaming.  I have had a busy life also with my work and the like, but my game has been developing every week.  So much so that I have had to take a week off to ruminate and savour what has been going on, and furthering what will happen in the future of the game.  The players are really making this one great.

Is it still the Cypher System?

Yes, it is.  The Sci-fi/Horror game is going really well.  I have been amazed at how well things have come together each week.  Especially because I am using the Stars Without Number sandbox style and the Storypath Cards in this game.  This gives a rich background and a basis of complete chaos as to where the game will end.  Currently, the players are exploring a ship ravaged by spirits and I have developed a really good basis for the story.  So good that once they complete the mission I am likely to offer up the design in Cypher Style for interested parties.  But despite that planning, the Storypath Cards have led the story to places even I cannot dream of.  The ownership taken by the players of making this entertaining is phenomenal.

That said, I still think that the Storypath Cards can be even better in future games.

How so?

The game is still young.  About five sessions have been played and the cards are still new to most of the players.  They have a tendency to put down the cards and simply read the flavour text and attempt to make that fit the plot.  I am looking forward to when they use these cards describing the effect that they want, not the flavour text.  I will give you an example using a card from the deck the players like the least, the Path of Hope.

There are some similarities in other cards of this deck

The players are not comfortable with this deck because it has a lot of cards that boil down to “you feel good”.  This would be one of them.  But I argue, that when the players become confident with these cards they can transcend the general.  A player would currently put this down in the game, read the flavour text and then probably say…

My character gets an asset because he feels good.

In time I hope the player is holding on to this and I describe this;

The mechanical snake coils itself over the inert body of Spangler, it’s latest victim.  It sways, almost too realistically, taunting you to destroy it.

And the player lays this down and instead of reading the flavour text says something like;

Pulling myself up I feel the grip of old Betsy as I place her stock against my shoulder.  My reckless shots before had brought this on us but not now.  I call to the snake as I pull the trigger.  Not today.  Not on this ship.

Automatic asset (sorry for the Cypher speak -automatic bonus).  Depending on how that was conveyed I may even give a double reduction in difficulty number.  The card is, in general, a feel-good card but that flavour text is more than just I feel good.

In short, I think the game is going to go from strength to strength

We have some new blood this time around and the group is beginning to find it’s feet.  I like it.  The way the players are getting involved really pleases me.  I like the wiki that I run at my website, Games On Board.  It really adds to it and many of the players are beginning to flesh out their character pages.  Heck, I’d like them to add material to the main pages too, but baby steps.

Just thought I’d drop in and say hi!

Anyway, I just thought I’d let you know that I am still around and I am still gaming.  Having good fun with it and have really stripped things back to do it.  Let me know how your games are going in the comments or just tell me how wrong I am to expect all of this from my players.  Get involved and have a chat – it is why I love writing here.  Keep rolling!


  1. I’m so behind on my blogging – reading and writing. Good to hear how well things are going in your games. Despite a young baby (I’d say little, but he’s huge for his age), I’m still managing to play both my fortnightly games with only a few cancellations! We’re looking forward to him being coherent enough to join a game, but for now he sits with us and smiles at everyone until he gets fed up with the intruders


    1. Glad to hear from you Fern. Work is soaking up most of my time so not a lot of blogging recently


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