Lords of Gossamer and Shadow: Knights’ Fables Inaugural Game

I am excited.  I have played this game before and I really love it but organizing a game with my American players is a lot harder than it should be so we really only get to play once every blue moon for that game.  So I have made a promise to myself to really begin to focus on the games that I really love and in my time zone so that I am not waking up at weird times and the like.  It is not that I do not love my friends across the pond but I do love sleeping and sometimes it is a choice I need to make.

So I set to work around a month or so ago to get some players in my time zone to play this game that at the heart of it has role playing, pure and simple.  I also started integrating a lot of the work that I have done in the past into this game so I have a combined setting that seems fluid and realistic.  I worked on a theme that really works for me.  A quasi- fairy tale fable type crossover.  Imagine the Brothers Grimm wrote a book with Aesop and Aasimov decided to refine it.  Yeah – I get it.  It is complicated but it lives in my brain and I want to get it out.

We had an attribute auction a fortnight ago that I decided not to video and last night was the first game.  It went awfully from my standpoint.  I struggled a bit with my own setting and got caught short when I changed a plan that I had foir a game mid-stream.  That is OK I suppose but it will only get better from here.  There were other issues (pacing largely, and I lost a player – I am working on both of those) but for a first game it could have been a lot worse.  I managed to get a lot set up for the next game that I had hoped to and that may not be apparent in the video but it is all there and more will become clear next fortnight.

Knights’ Fables

So now, after all that rambling, let me present to you the inaugural game of Knights’ Fables…

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  1. I great time in my first experience with this game. I can see me loving it more and more into the future. Now I need to build this character some more I was not nearly prepared enough.

    Thanks for the opportunity Mark and everyone involved.


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