Lords of Gossamer and Shadow Bundle Competition

I am going to give a Lords of Gossamer and Shadow Bundle to someone.  That is all the PDF’s listed here on RPG DriveThru.  To do this you have to create a “Gossamer World” that you would love to adventure on.

Knights' Fables is away
One of my most loved games

In Lords of Gossamer and Shadow you play a traveler on the Grand Stair, a conduit to which thousands of millions of “Gossamer Worlds”.  These “Gossamer Worlds” can be of any genre, any setting and any concept.

What I want you to do to enter is to create a Gossamer World of no more than 500 words and email it to my good self!  In essence that means putting on the old creativity hat and make an interesting world that could be used for the game.

If you submit an entry you agree to the terms that your entry may be used on my blog rpgknights.com.  The competition ends 11:59:59 PM on Saturday June 20 2015 in your own Time Zone.  Judging will take place during the following week by myself (and perhaps a couple of others if I get a lot of entries) and I will choose the best of those offered and announce a winner on 27 June 2015 Australian time.  My decision will be final and no appeals may be made against the final decision.

The bundle will be supplied through drivethruprg.com.  It will go to the winners email of choice (meaning you could hand it on as a present to a player etc. if you wanted).

Note: I offer this competition and the prize as an individual.  I am doing this because I really love this game (beware – it is dice-less) and would love to see more people try it out!  At the time that this blog was posted the value of the prize is $58.24 USD.

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