Lords of Gossamer and Shadow Review: Threats: Dawn of the Dwimmerlaik

I have been catching up on some reading and today I got round to a book that I have been looking forward to reading.  Threats: Dawn of the Dwimmerlaik.  The Dwimmerlaik are the big bad threat in Lords of Gossamer and Shadow and whilst they are covered in the main rule book there is not a huge amount of flavour about them.

The cover 

I was not to be disappointed.  I read through this in one sitting and loved the content.  It has a good level of flavour text about the Dwimmerlaik and the bigger picture.  It covers the pivotal moments that make the Dwimmerlaik the threats that they are and also talks about other events in a little less detail allowing you to colour the events of the first war between the Gossamer Lords and the Dwimmerlaik.

The treatise is written from the perspective of a Dwimmerlaik (in fact an important priest of the Dwimmerlaik) and is excellent in giving them a voice.  I did not really have a voice or narrative in my head when I thought about the Dwimmerlaik but now I have a voice and an understanding of how they fit into the game.

The twenty four page book is mostly source material built with a great narrative style that makes it incredibly easy to read and it gets the points across very well.  Great writing from Andrew Peregrine really makes this a source book of note.  The one very minor criticism I have of the book is the end section where they offer up “Dwimmerlaik NPC’s” and of the three NPC’s presented only one of them is actually a true Dwimmerlaik.

So, this book is an excellent addition to the Lords of Gossamer and Shadow source book collection.  Really the quality of these books is excellent.  I am keenly looking forward to reading the details about the Typhonian’s now as I can see how and where they fit in the Universe.  Expect that review in the near future.

Another five star effort towards one of the best games of the past twelve months.  Get it, read it and whatever you do, do not keep rolling!

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