Lost : RPG a Day 2019

Again, this prompt leads me directly to a game set in a sci-fi universe.  I was running a game of Traveller with a stellar group and they had just been given a personalised ship to explore the black with.  They thought their Christmases had all come at once.  Until they navigated to their first jump point and failed monumentally!  They immediately became lost in space.


It was fun though.  I had the company that had provided the ship mount a rescue attempt to find out what happened.  Of course, they were quite interested in reclaiming the brand new ship also!  The fun part of this was that the players of the characters that were lost in space (we called it when that happened) got to play the rescue crew.  I had actually determined where the unfortunate jump placed them and so did a bit of a mini-horror sci-fi game.

The ship had jumped into an unexplored system without a star.  But being that lost with no fuel did not mean there were no dangers there!  The rescue crew found an empty ship that appeared to have been the scene of a large battle.  With a few tweaks, they found some of the former crew experimented on and distinct connections to Ancient technology.  It was a great game that finished out the campaign on a fun note.  Keep rolling!

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      1. Good times.. been thinking about a return to CT


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