Made A Decision About My Next Gaming Venture

I had a question asked of me a few weeks back asking if I would be running any further Adventure Paths once I was done with the Reign of Winter game.  I stated at the time that I would see what was happening at the time but the question continued to play on my mind.  I finished reading the Shadowrun 5 (SR5) book and while I will be running a game or two of that it was not the answer I was looking for.  But the answer did reach me because of Shadowrun.

The night after finishing the SR5 book I went looking for something else gaming related to read.  I could have read a novel but I am into my gaming books at the moment and have a heap to read.  My iPad was low on charge so I would not be reading any PDF’s so I hunted through my room and the answer came to me with a pile of long forgotten books sitting under my bedside table.

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I pulled out the top book, a module named Ardanyan’s Revenge and started to read it.  It all came rushing back to me about why I loved this game.  This game by the way is Earthdawn.  The stories are rich, the setting glorious and I have made a decision that I will not be making my long term game running commitment to an Adventure Path, I will be running a series of Earthdawn modules once Reign of Winter concludes (another three modules away).

The reason behind this is simply because of the richness of the story and connecting material.  I find Earthdawn really does focus on story where I can see in some of the Adventure Paths they build a complicated story up but they do not relay it to the players.  In Earthdawn they flip this and produce a great story that the players goal is to uncover!  The Serpent Skull Adventure Path that I ran in person had a plethora of beautifully created plots included in it but in reality the only one that saw them was the GM and all the players had to do was participate in a fight.  I know that this might be different if the players take a different tack but it began to frustrate me.

Besides all of that though, Earthdawn is my favourite fantasy system with all its system story support.  I am so looking forward to it I am writing a new post for my PBeM!  Keep on rolling!

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