Masks of Nyarlathotep and Online Gaming

So, those of you that are regular visitors would have realised that I  put up a new video in the past week.  The video is a new campaign of Call of Cthulhu that I am playing with the people I normally play in-person with.  Masks of Nyarlathotep is a massive campaign for the system.  It is touted by many as one of the greatest modules of all time.

How did it go?

I am combining a new system with the new desktop environment of Fantasy Grounds Unity.  Add on top of that players who are normally used to playing in person would suggest that it may have been a challenging time.  But it was not.  In fact, I think that the format really works online and helps players concentrate.  The richness of the scenario is really well balanced and the players are enjoying the story.  They are travelling through the prologue of Peru and made some distance through the scenes involved.

I especially learned a lot about the dynamic of the group.  Their characters were just a bunch of figures to me until they began to flesh them out.  I found the introduction quite a nice experience and a completely different feeling to my normal games.

Fantasy Grounds Unity

I am using the new Fantasy Grounds product (currently in open Beta).  It performed well and there were no real glitches on the night.  I managed to open the players up to some of the standard features which they enjoyed playing around with.  Having the ultimate license is awesome, because I can always have players join my games at no cost to them.  As this module is not available in the store there is a lot of preparation for me to do.  I find the interface of this product much improved and helps me get the material into the system.

The newest feature (Line of Sight) that I really want to test is in place but the players are not quite there yet.  I really want to see it in action.  I have watched some of the YouTube videos and it looks great.  It certainly was really easy to implement so I hope it works really well.

Although I had hoped to do this one in person, the virus has kept it remote.  I am sure we will eventually then swing to the table once this all blows over.  But that will mean the videos only last so long here, so watch them while you can.  It should give you the feel for Call of Cthulhu and Fantasy Grounds Unity!  Keep rolling…

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