Matt Jackson and the Great Map Challenge

So, here is a thing that I found when I arrived at work this morning.  +matt jackson  the map making military man from the USA had created a map.  Nothing unusual apart from the fact that he had offered up in a Friday map challenge for us to fill it with adventure!  This was a challenge I had to get into.  I saw that others had already completed it so I decided that in between serving customers I would build an adventure to share in the way that would benefit the readers of this blog and also the people in Google+ that has helped me along the way.

Free Pathfinder adventure people!

I intended the entire adventure to fit neatly into a single post for the blog.  But then it grew, and it grew and then I decided it was time to turn it into a PDF for you to download.  So without any further ado I offer you the mini-adventure written for Pathfinder characters between 18th and 20th level titled The Caverns of the Tane Trio.  Download the PDF from this link.

The adventure is centered around the appearance of three of the greatest threats from the Fey Wild that the world has ever seen.  The map is +matt jackson‘s brain child and the cover image is from the Public Image Share made by the British National Library with a tiny bit of work from me.

Keep rolling!

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