Missing player? No worries, lets do some character creation!

Options for the evening
Last night one of my players could not make it so I offered up a character generation night for a choice of LoGaS and FATE.

I was hoping for LoGaS and initially that was where all the talk started but then for some reason when the decision came down it was FATE that won out.

We created a game set in sci-fi where the Earth, on the brink of destruction allowed for one experimental technique to transport the surviving humans to another planet in an event known as the Shift.  This transported the humans across space to a habitable planet via non-spacecraft (a warp in dimensional space through a gate).

The event though was interfered with by an interstellar race known as the Vlaarg (colloquially called the Scarabs by humans due to their similarity to giant beetles) and the Humans ended on a different planet, a hollowed out planet of catacombs and labyrinths where the Scarabs hunted the humans and took the ones off planet to a fate unknown.

A side effect of the Shift and possibly the Scarab interference caused Humans to become psychically aware and mutations to occur.  In the Shift some of the Humans claim to have received a vision/prophecy that pointed toward a better life if they find parts of an artifact on the planet that it will set them free,  In the new world they become Seekers who use agents to go out and find these artifacts in an effort to free them from the Scarabs threat.

Opposing the Seekers is Ozon Renraku, the now leader of the final Humans who has modeled the remaining survivors in a corporate structure trying to cling to the ideals of a past life.  He employs old world techniques to achieve his goals and seeks to build a new economy in a world without hope.

The three characters created were quite interesting.  First was a Double Agent who sounded like he favoured the Seekers but was also employed by Ozon.  He was a corporate head hunter in Earth, but after the Shift was awoken by Samael, a Seeker, to receive a vision of the Prophecy.

The second character was a rookie bug hunter.  Born to a family that lived to kill the bugs, but most of her family were taken off world by the Scarabs.  She has a point to prove and cares nothing about the Seekers or Renraku, as long as she gets to kill bugs she does not care.

Finally there is the Judge.  He died on Earth but was revived in a robotic shell as his genetic profile suited the program (the Double Agent recruited him to it while on Earth).  Now he is more machine than human and seeks only to obey his programming for justice, but there is a fragment of memory.  A fragment that emerges when he is around the rookie bug hunter that suggests he was once a family man, happy and secure.  He should report it as a malfunction but for some reason he doesn’t…

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