The Monster Manual for Dungeons and Dragons 5E Review

Hi all.  It is finally trimmed and processed and on the internet.  Think I did a bit better with the green screen stuff this time too.  Very chuffed!  I shall go slip into my flame retardant suit whilst you enjoy watching the review of the Monster Manual 🙂


  1. Sounds like the legendary actions is so that the dragon can do things as well as things. What I mean is that before, they’d only get all their attacks as a full-attack action. Here, it seems like the wing and tail and detect can happen in addition to, say, a fly-by attack of a bite… Just a thought.


    1. It does work like that but there is an addendum to the Legendary Action that I did not mention and that is the creature can only take as many Legendary Actions as there are members of the group. Therefore the Dragon could only do one of those attacks against a solo assailant.

      I actually do not mind that because the idea of being able to claw, bite, wing buffet and tail attack all on the one target has always grated on me a little. But still, as a whole they aren’t legendary actions, they are natural attacks.

      And thanks for watching!


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