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I have been a very busy individual of late running the store.  But one thing that I have been missing is originality.  Of the many games I run one of my favorites has been the Dungeons and Dragons campaign because it has been all my own story.  But the issue is that I am not a major fan of the system.  So I am starting a new game at the request of many of the locals in the store and it will be Pathfinder, of a sort…

Pathfinder – but not as we know it

I have been working for a couple of weeks integrating new ideas and concepts that I want to use in this game.  It is an ambitious task and one that I will be adapting a lot of material from other sources to match my ideas.  I am going to try and chronicle this game on the website as I know I have been quiet of late.  The building of this game will also fit the style of the site as it is seen as a resource of RPG’s and this certainly will take things from 0 to full throttle over the next few months.

The game is going to be exploring, in a sandbox style, ideas that interest me and a setting that I want to fill with life.  The players will be the sparks of life in a world that I have never really seen realized elsewhere in print.  That said, some of the material is heavily aligned with some work that Rite Publishing printed a while ago, but I am taking that transient setting and setting my own twists to it.  Pathfinder will be the structure of this story but the adventures will be truly different to what I am used to.

A Patreon in the works?

Along with this I may trial the idea of a Patreon.  The Patreon will supply specifics of what I talk about, the actual creations that I come up with, to those that contribute.  Due to the time that I need to devote this from the business if you want the setting and creations you will need to subscribe to that.  The blog will have the how and why whilst the Patreon will provide the actual in game material if you will.  The Patreon is a little while off as I need to work out costs and suitability for me so I have decided to add this teaser.  It is an NPC that the players will soon meet in game.  I do not want to say too much about the game as a whole but I will point out that I have been creating a race today to suit my needs.  Old Caby comes from the race of Dream Things that I created.


dream thing
NPC from my new Pathfinder campaign

Caby is a matron of thoughts and a figure who works hard to ensure her superiors are comfortable at all times.  She is often overworked and underappreciated so works hard to utilize every advantage she is given.  Matron to the estate that her employers own she is charged with the daily running and chores of an eccentric household that sees all manner of powerful creatures and visitors from many planes on a daily basis.  She is vain and unpredictable, doing anything she can to ensure that she is seen in the best light.  Rewarding and kind to those that work well and a vicious tyrant to those that fail her expectations Caby can easily be your best friend or worse nightmare.
Caby    CR 5
XP 1,600
Dream Thing bard 3/sorcerer 3
CN Medium aberration
Init +2; Senses darkvision 60 ft.; Perception +7


AC 11, touch 11, flat-footed 10 (+1 Dex)
hp 39 (6 HD; 3d6+3d8+3)
Fort +2, Ref +5, Will +5; +2 vs. fear and despair, +4 vs. bardic performance, language-dependent, and sonic
Defensive Abilities eternal hope


Speed 30 ft.
Special Attacks bardic performance 13 rounds/day (countersong, distraction, fascinate [DC 16], inspire competence +2, inspire courage +1)
Bloodline Spell-Like Abilities (CL 3rd; concentration +8)
Bard Spells Known (CL 3rd; concentration +8)
1st (5/day)—comprehend languages, forced quietUM (DC 16), unnatural lustUM (DC 16), unspeakable tongue (DC 16)
0 (at will)—animate tools, ghost sound (DC 15), mage hand, mending, read magic, summon instrument
Sorcerer Spells Known (CL 3rd; concentration +8)
1st (7/day)—color spray (DC 16), mage armor, reduce person (DC 16), sleep (DC 16)
0 (at will)—arcane mark, detect magic, detect poison, prestidigitation, sparkAPG (DC 15)
Bloodline Dreamspun


Str 9, Dex 12, Con 10, Int 12, Wis 9, Cha 20
Base Atk +3; CMB +2; CMD 13
Feats Alertness, Eschew Materials, Persuasive, Skill Focus (Perform [sing])
Skills Acrobatics +5, Appraise +5, Craft (baskets) +9, Diplomacy +12, Intimidate +12, Knowledge (arcana) +8, Knowledge (planes) +7, Perception +7, Perform (sing) +17, Perform (wind instruments) +12, Sense Motive +17, Spellcraft +8, Stealth +5
Languages Common, Dream Speak, Giant
SQ bardic knowledge +1, change shape, lesser, versatile performance (sing)
Other Gear jailer’s dungeon ringAPG, prisoner’s dungeon ringAPG, prisoner’s dungeon ringAPG, prisoner’s dungeon ringAPG, prisoner’s dungeon ringAPG, prisoner’s dungeon ringAPG, prisoner’s dungeon ringAPG, robe of infinite twineUE, masterwork basketweaving tools, masterwork Flute, waterproof bagUE, 64 pp, 154 gp, 5 sp

Special Abilities

Bardic Knowledge +1 (Ex) Add +1 to all knowledge skill checks.
Bardic Performance (standard action, 13 rounds/day) Your performances can create magical effects.
Change Shape, Lesser (Su) Assume form of specific small/medium humanoid.
Darkvision (60 feet) You can see in the dark (black and white only).
Dreamspun When you cast a spell at a single creature, gain +1/2 spell level AC and saves vs. that creature for 1r.
Eschew Materials Cast spells without materials, if component cost is 1 gp or less.
Eternal Hope (1/day) (Ex) +2 to save vs. fear/despair effects. Can reroll a natural 1.
Lullaby (8/day) (Sp) As lullaby but no concentration and penalty is -4.
Versatile Performance (Singing) +17 (Ex) You may substitute the final value of your Perform: Sing skill for Bluff or Sense Motive checks

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