My Players Bling Up

I video taped last nights game and will put it up when I can afford the time of doing all the conversions etc. but I took some shots last night of the players.  My donning of a pirate hat and eye patch has spurred them on to some costuming of their own!  I hope you enjoy these photos.

Mark Desmond closest left, Cameron McLoughlin far left,
my daughter Courtney Knights and front right is Scott Desmond

Behind the screen…  They did well last night.

Courtney the Pirate lass

Mark found his mask (he plays a Tengu)

Scott plays an aged Drow, hence the grey hair

You can see Mark’s Tengu mask much better here


  1. We play in a service station lube bay where I work of a Saturday and the others work through the week. It is a nice open space and we have a miniature table etc. if we need to break down the combat. It is a great space.


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