Need to get creative

I have been on auto pilot for a while.  I have been enjoying my game of Warhammer Fantasy Role-play but I have not been thinking too far out of any boxes.  I still play to learn, my storypath cards help me do that, but I have been hiding from being too creative.  The good news is that I can feel that need to cruise being lifted and I want to get creative with my games.  The veil has been lifted.  I have been hiding behind the starter set adventure for a while.  It is a good starter set and allows for player creativity.  But the end is in site and a couple of other projects have made me want to design again.


So much pretty…

Years ago, a visitor to my store showed me a super professional, slick Role Playing Game (RPG) called Degenesis.  It is post apocalypse primal punk.  It is a treat to look at and brilliant to read.  It is also super expensive.  While I was running my store I could never even think about outlaying the amount to buy the books for the game.  But it got under my skin like a spore infestation.  Here I am now, two years removed from the store with my very own copy of the game.  It makes me want to play it.  I am still reading the rules but I need to play this game.  I am going to make it my own.

I will not run preset adventures for this game.  It will be an event and well planned for.  I have some notes that are building as I go along.  These will become the start of a great game.  The game will not be regimented and will develop organically.  The group will develop the same way.  I won’t be playing it in my regular haunts and it is something I will run when I am ready.  I look forward to telling you what happens in this space.  It will be creative and fun.

Call of Cthulhu

My newest aquisition

Here is a game that I have skirted around all my life.  It is a me kind of game but I have never gotten serious with it.  Last week I took my wife on a trip to Melbourne, Australia for her birthday.  While there she got me to spend some money on an RPG of my choice.  We stopped in at a well stocked shelf and I spent a good thirty minutes browsing the brilliant selection they had.  I came across 7th Edition Call of Cthulhu.  This edition seems to have taken the game into a professional place graphically and with its content.  I flicked through the Investigator Handbook and the Keeper’s Rulebook and purchased them both.

It is a week since we have gotten back and I have pretty much read both books.  The new system is the same but different.  I like the changes.  I want to run a game.  I have ideas and I want to get creative with it.  So much so that I have purchased the Keeper Screen and also started a separate notebook for ideas to fester and grow in.  This game is a me type game.  The creative juice is churning and I think I will develop some independent ideas and run them.  Likely online, but maybe test them in person also.  I can’t wait.


Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay
A hefty, beautiful tome

So this game has kept me cruising.  But it is fun and now the ready made adventure is over.  I could feel in the game tonight a creative desire to expand outward with this system again.  Random things happened and I learned more about this game.  The best is yet to happen and I can feel myself thinking about the next portion of this game.  Things happened tonight that have made me want to develop in it again.  On the drive home I even thought of ways to make the things that annoy me, work for me in different ways!

I can feel the fun coming back into gaming again.  It has taken a lot of time for me to get back there.  I have played in some games recently and they have made me want to get involved again.  Get creative and roll some dice with some friends.  In new and interesting games – keep rolling!

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