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I just had to write a short post today.  Last night we managed to finish of the Reign of Winter Frozen Stars module and so we move on to the fifth module in the series.  This makes me ecstatic because this module is the very reason I wanted to run this Adventure Path.  This module holds the twist in the story that I read in the synopsis of the first module that made me immediately want to run an Adventure Path online and get a new group on!

Cover of Frozen Stars
Cover of the Frozen Stars module

I can’t go in to too much detail about the new module here as most of my players are devout readers of the blog!  Of course they may have already read up on what the base plot is kind of like but if they haven’t, please don’t.  You will be pleasantly surprised where this module takes you!  I love the Adventure Paths where they (and I am quoting Bugs bunny here) take a “left turn at Albuquerque.  Some of those Adventure Paths are brilliantly crafted in that way (not all – just some).

If you have been watching the episodes on my YouTube channel then thanks.  If you have not, the next 15 – 30 are going to cover the new module.  You will be able to pick them out as they will be denoted as Reign of Winter: RMD Game x in the channel.  I hope some of you can look it up once in a while.

The games will be fortnightly for a bit and then turn weekly in around 4-5 weeks.  We may take a Christmas break – or may not.  I have not broached that with the players yet.  I am keen to spend a little bit of time in the hopes that we can knock this module and the next off in possibly three to four months.

Thanks for reading the blog and showing interest in my games and my players antics.  I think we all feel good that we are able to share our games with everyone on a fortnightly basis and enjoy hearing any comments you have about them.  Until next time, keep rolling!

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