No more Rise of the Runelords

Hi all!  Just dropping in with a quick note about the Rise of the Runelords campaign.  We as a group have decided that it is time to let the game go.  We were all really struggling to find a time where we could get together to play it. Beyond that, I really dislike Pathfinder as a system now.  The story of Rise of the Runelords is  too dungeon crawly and the story was obfuscated from the players.

Fantasy Grounds will be put to the test.

Do Not Despair!

We looked at our calendars to work out a day that is much more convenient for us to play.  We played Sunday nights which was an issue for some who had to prepare for their working lives at that time.  With that in mind we worked out that later in the week would work for us.  So Thursday nights was decided as a good night for gaming.  With this decision allowed for our good friend Blue (who is known as Tom but real name is Richard) to rejoin our group. You may remember Tom from our Reign of Winter campaign.  We are all excited for his return.

New Genre and System!

We also took stock of what we were playing. For my sanity the group agreed to switch away from Pathfinder and try something new.  In fact we are even going to a whole new genre.  We are headed into space!  We will be using the Stars Without Number system to create a sandbox in the stars for the players to launch into.  It is a system that I have mentioned many times on this blog and I am very thankful of my players to trust me to run it for them.  The game will come together soon and I will share information of the preparation for it on here also!  I am sorry for the fans of our Pathfinder game but hope that you will join us in this new game.  Keep rolling.

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  1. Very much Looking Forward to a new Challenge. Thanks Mark for offering wonderful games.


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