Noble : RPG a Day 2019

I only ever had one character that I would consider noble.  Most of the other players that played with him saw him as a buffoon.  In reality, he was both.  Dodger Trueflight was his name and he tried to make sure that everyone knew it!


Dodger was a Paladin so he was noble in spirit, not in blood.  He always tried to hold a lantern to the morals of the party and show them the true way to act.  He also sought to ensure that everyone heard of his brilliance and acts of generosity.  So much so he hired a bard to create the parables of Dodger Trueflight and friends.  His friends never actually got named in the parables but Dodger’s name was mentioned often.

I enjoyed playing him as a character and miss him in the games that I play today.  He often comes out in the most unusual NPC’s I create.  A touch here and there really gets a response from the players!  Keep rolling.

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