November is a day away…

November is only a day away and it is also Game Design Month at RPG Knights and I am keen to highlight the goodly game designers of Australia!  If you are an Australian Game Designer I would absolutely love to hear from you so that we can give you a shout out and tell everyone about the goodness that gets done here in Australia.

Australian Flag
Let us talk about Australian Games in November 🙂

I am not necessarily talking just about RPG’s either.  Tabletop board games, and clever Indie games of any form are up for a shout out.  To help me do this I have created a Google Form that asks some simple questions for you to fill out and submit to me.  You can get to that form simply by pressing here.  Of course, I am happy to review your games also if you want me to do that.

Rest of the world, I will open this up at a later date and create a similar form for you all to be able to get your profile out and about but for November I really want to push Australian Game Designers!

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