NPC Progression in Pathfinder

I am sure that one day, while I was reading one of my Pathfinder core rule books that I came across a rule that I really wanted to try.  It was to do with NPC progression through levels and guess what?  I cannot find it anymore!

The rule essentially looked directly at simplifying the NPC’s progression to make the GM’s life a little easier.  It was in the vain that while players leveled up they pick up magic items as well as bonuses from classes etc.  This idea did not replace the bonuses from classes but it did look directly at replacing the magic item accumulation of the NPC.

I’m not fine, I am being driven mad.

The rule was in place as it realised that a GM has a lot of things to do and therefore this was a great simplification to reduce bookwork.  Plus doing it this way meant that you did not need to know every single magic item that was in existence and invest that time pouring over my Pathfinder tomes into more worthwhile efforts.

It basically suggested looking at the class level of the character in question and applying a formula that added to their armour class and damage in such a way that would represent them getting better armour or protective items and improving your ability to deal damage etc.

But of course, as infuriating as it is, I CAN’T FIND THE RULE.  I am actually beginning to believe that I may have actually dreamed up the rule in a Pathfinder inspired dream!  I have spent my past four months of working on the weekend looking over my paper and electronic rules to try and find the rule again but to no avail.  So I have decided to write about it in this blog.

I do this for two reasons;

  1. It vents my frustration!
  2. Perhaps I was not dreaming the rule and one of you fine folk also liked it, put it into use, and know where it comes from.
And the collection has grown since this photo!
If you fit in the category of point 2 above, please put me out of my misery.  I remember looking at it and thinking “What an awesome idea!” and then wishing I had paid more attention some months later when I went to implement it.

This is one of the frustrating things of Pathfinder.  I have thousands upon thousands of pages of information in my books and just when you think you remember a rule you are faced with a massive task of finding it.

If of course this blog comes up a blank then perhaps I did dream it up.  If that is the case, I may just spend a little bit of time putting together a kit that does something similar.  But I am a programmer and I do not want to reinvent rules if they already exist so please, please, please help!  Keep rolling!

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