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If you are not a follower of me on Google+ you may not yet know that I have applied to get a copy of Numenera (Monte Cook’s new game) via an educational offer.  I have actually purchased the PDF from DrivethruRPG and have read a reasonable amount of it already and I am very impressed with where it is headed.  Anyhow, if I get a copy under the educational offer I am beginning to think about how I would put it to work in the classroom so I have decided to turn to you all for assistance.

I teach four classes at a “senior high level” for American speak.  It is years 11 and 12 in Tasmania where we call it college.  At the school I have a set of thematically linked classes.  That is I teach all things computer at the school pretty much.  I teach a Certificate level class called Information and Digital Media, a computing systems support class, a computer science class and finally a computer game design class.  I can see immediate applications for the book in the game design class but I want to use the book in as many of my classes as I possibly can.

How can I introduce Numenera into the classroom?

In game design I would actually like to run a little game of tabletop Numenera for small groups of students and then have the students work as a group to turn their gaming experience into a playable computer game.  I think this could work alongside a few of the lessons from a text book I use called The Art of Game Design by Jesse Schell.  This would assist not only in their understanding of crafting computer games but games as a whole, perhaps teaching them the initial rule which is games are built on the experience of the individual.

But how do I then link the game to my other classes.  I have thought that I could possibly task my Computer Science class (which is essentially a learn basic to intermediate Java class) with creating a fully functional character generator by having small groups create a set of objects that I could piece together into a standalone application.  I did something similar to this a few years ago when I attempted the same task but with Roborally the board game and it was not a fantastic experience.  Without the board game concept though it may be a more improved experience.

The other two classes become the hardest to integrate though.  Both of the other classes are variations of the same idea and that idea is supplying technical help to users.  One grants a certificate and the other simply becomes part of the way they “graduate” from the college.  So I turn it over to you all.  Those that are familiar with Numenera may have a better idea but those of you that are simply gamers might be able to advise of some way to link the idea of an RPG into that style of class to give them a more varied experience, not to mention something that they may not have been exposed t before.

If you have any advice for any of my classes, I would love to hear them.  Let me know in the comments.  Until next time, keep rolling!

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