Officially Back!

Thank you one and all for your patience over the past month.  The blog’s number of visitors has dropped but not devastatingly so which makes me a happy camper to know there are people out there still getting value out of what I have written this past year.

Me turning gracefully 40!  My mate Neal giving
me encouragement!

I know that I have added a blog here and there over the past month but it has only been if I really wanted to or the game was on so I could pop it up for watching.  Things are again going to gain some rigour that you and I can rely on.

I do not intend to post as much as I have in the past.  Toward the end of the year I was getting to the point of averaging a post a day and I was a little burnt out because of it.  So instead I am going to be putting up three posts a week at this stage.  Hopefully that will mean a little bit better quality of post as well as I will  have more time to finish series that I am working through.  For example, I have had little time due to blogging to complete the clock adventure but over the past month I have worked out the details and just need to finish some cartography to get it out!

So, once again I thank you for your patience.  I had a great break over Christmas and New Years as well as being able to turn 40 without too much stress!  For the year to come, keep rolling! (Or not if you play LoG&S!)

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