One : RPG a Day 2019

One is not an obvious prompt.  To me, this word relates to the Metallica song of the same name!  Such an awesome song and brilliant storytelling through the clip.  So, in this way I think I will relate this post to pretty much the only modern war styled RPG that I have played.

Twilight 2000 (the game of One)

Nearly every time I played this game my characters would end up in a situation like the one portrayed in Metallica’s song.  We had a Games Master (GM) that wanted his games to be super realistic.  Somehow that meant that I was forever making up characters as every one of mine was gunned down from unseen assailants.  In all of the time that I played this is probably why I really do not like soldier/war games to this day.  If you do then I would take a look at this game – it may be the one you are looking for.  Keep rolling.

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