End of Campaign Conundrum

The new adventure path prop… As a Games Master the adventure path that I have run for my current players in Pathfinder is the first time I have ever run […]

gm sections

Last night saw the group return to Ilmurea and face the foes that defeated them last time at the mouth of the Hunters Maze.  I was interested to see the […]

Old Traps, New Module

Yesterday we played the last game in the Thousand Fangs Below Module and as we were having an extended game the party made their first entry into the final module […]

"Death is Inevitable"

So few obituaries… Saturday afternoon the five of us gathered around our normal gaming table to complete the battle that they had started from our last game and then investigate […]

Hi to all my readers.  This is just a quick note to let you know that you can now access my blog directly at www.thepathfinderchronicles.comThank you for reading 🙂

Free RPG Day Module

Good morning all!  I hope you have had an excellent Christmas and are looking forward to New Years Eve in a few days.  My Christmas was particularly good this year […]

Transformation of Play

The module and my notes book As promised, here is post two for the week which will discuss the game that we had on Tuesday night. As has been pointed […]